All of our online gift certificates are done through “square” and can be printed or emailed through the link below.    Further down from the link is a list of recommended gift certificate amounts that correspond with all of our massage prices + tax.  The square website lists the standard and advanced prices for 90 and 60 minute massages.  Feel free to click on those options or put in any dollar amount you choose if you wish to purchase another service or add a tip.    If you would like to receive a gift certificate on a finer paper stock via mail or have any special requests please contact us through the channels provided by our “Contact Us” page and we will be happy to assist you further.  Thanks for choosing Joy of Massage!

Standard Massage Amounts

Gift Certificate

 60 Minutes     $91.63

90 Minutes      $123.97

120 Minutes    $156.31

Advanced Massage Amounts

Gift certificate

60 Minutes   $102.41

90 Minutes   $134.75

120 Minutes   $167.09

Specialty Massage Amounts

gift certificate

Hot Stone 60 Minutes      $107.80

Hot Stone 90 Minutes     $140.14

Hot Stone 120 Minutes   $172.48

Lomi Lomi 75 Minutes    $150.92

Lomi Lomi 90 Minutes    $167.09

LaStone 120 Minutes      $199.43